Lhasa Apso Association of Wales & South West

Single Breed Open Show

30 March 2008

Judge: Miss A M Cassidy (Exephials)

Firstly my congratulations to the committee on a well run show that had a very happy and relaxed atmosphere. My thanks to the stewards, and to the committee for the invitation to judge, and to the exhibitors for the excellent entry. I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

There was a higher proportion of bitches on the day, and so it may not have been representative of the breed as a whole, but although we do have the depth of quality in bitches I also feel that in the main the males today had the edge in front assembly specifically correlation between shoulder, upper arm, elbow and ribcage. Possibly to onlookers it may have seemed I had some obsession with forehand construction but I found a lot less variation in hind angulation being good in the main, with only a few being too straight in stifle.

Mouths also were good in general, with only a couple being borderline level & none severely undershot.

Ribbing also was generally good with only a few a little 50/50 in comparison to loin and none badly lacking rib.

Class 1 Veteran Dog 2 (1 Abs)

1 st Waterhouse's “Ch & Am Ch Chtaura Dream Machine (re-imp)”

Lovely balanced cream, At 8 1/2 is retaining his pigment and mouth, would still hold his own in Open. Is of correct size and in super coat and condition, has the proper arch of tail and rear action typical of the breed. Easy to see why he's done so well under a variety of judges as he has, for me, that essential moderation. Best Veteran in Show

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog 5 (2 Abs)

1 st Waterhouse's “Chtaura It Could Be Magic”

6 months gold, displaying good raw outline, liked his front assembly, he was also the most together on the day, good coat texture. Change of handler affected him in the puppy challenge, has a lot of style.

2 nd Paradise's “Shardlow Magic Dragon”

Less outgoing than 1 today, profuse coat, his head and backend were particularly pleasing, preferred front of 1 but I look forward to seeing how he develops.

3 rd Aston's “Viewtop Reckless Trader”

Class 3 Puppy Dog 2 (1 Abs)

1 st Hazelhurst's “Corrolls Arizona Pie”

Cream Sable male, balance still developing, pleasing skull proportions, good front and nice sweep of tail. Best Puppy Dog & Res Best Puppy in Show

Class 4 Junior Dog 3

1 st Holland's “Vaderlands Feel the Force”

Far and away the most mature here, lovely skull shape, dark eye, very well balanced, out-moved & showed the others, in the challenge preferred his bone and nice flat shoulder blades to some of the older males which earned him Reserve Best Dog

2 nd Deacon's “Shardlow Air Traffic Control over Andolyn”

G/W who is possibly a little too pretty for me, v dark eye and nice pigment in one so pale, hope he grows on and fills out a little more, be interesting to see his development.

3 rd Anderson's “Kingbaraston Black Velvet”

Class 5 Yearling Dog 3 (1 Abs)

1 st Richardson's “Zanamop Folly at Belazieth”

Sound gold boy, found him a little straighter in stifle than 2 but has pleasing balance and more the skull shape I was looking for, has a nice moderate body type that's not too heavy, expressive eyes, well grown, shows promise.

2 nd Skerm's “Chethang Lisandro”

Slightly better shape at this stage than 1st, but 1 st had the edge in front assembly, and was more in tune with his handler.

Class 6 Novice Dog 1

1 st Anderson's “Kingbaraston Black Velvet”

Soundly enough constructed, but just too big and too heavy for me, decent head and nice dark eye, moving out a bit wide in front.

Class 7 Graduate Dog 3 (1 Abs)

1 st Carter's “Vowchurch Chico Time”

Both 1 and 2 here of slightly broader set type, 1 scored better on front and bone and has a pleasing shape.

2 nd Skerm's “Chethang Lisandro”

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog 4 (1 Abs)

1 st Jones' “Tarendes Follow the Bear”

Beautiful dog, profuse g/w coat makes him look heavy but he is in ideal body condition. Nice masculine skull shape, dark eye. Won here on his overall construction, & movement coming and going. Was 1 of 4 in the frame for top honours.

2 nd Carter's “Vowchurch Chico Time”

3 rd Skerm's “Shardlow Windy Miller”

Class 9 Limit Dog 8 (3 Abs)

1 st Waterhouse's “Chtaura Shadow Dancer”

Masculine grey I have always admired, who is of good size and body length. Head of correct proportions and dark eye giving soft intelligent expression, good mouth. Had the front assembly and tucked in elbows I was looking for & is definitely coming into his best, moved out today as well as I've seen him. Best Dog/Best in Show.

2 nd Scott's “Wolferlow Merlot”

Actually preferred his head slightly as it is most familiar to me! A bit heavier type than 1st and might benefit in losing a little weight as he didn't carry himself to advantage but has lovely breed type, little heavier in shoulder than 1. Called him back for a 2 nd look in the challenge.

3 rd Paradise's “Shardlow Pilot of the Future”

Class 10 Open Dog 3 (1 Abs)

1 st Scarll's “Ch Timazinti Motoro JW”

Very smart looking, has the most glamorous coat but would like a little more of him and is a touch short for my preference. Lovely head with really dark eye, easy to see why he's done so well, showed himself to advantage.

2 nd Bromley's “Cossy's Jammie Dodger at Jardene JW

Bigger made g/w, heavier in shoulder and longer cast than 1, I was looking for something somewhere between 1 and 2 today.

Class 11 Veteran Bitch 4

1 st Torrance's “Sinyul Brief Encounter”

Sound grey, of lovely balance and correct size. Her body is in full bloom now, just gave a little away in mouth and strength of lip to the VD winner. Very pleased she gained her crown, as she is most worthy.

2 nd Langford's “Britroys Caught In a Shower at Quaytown”

Close up to 1, this lady had the slightly sweeter expression and again was in full bloom, immaculate g/w coat. Just gave way a little to the forehand construction of the winner, excellent pigment and condition for age.

3 rd Bromley's “Ch Jardene Dazzle Me Do”

Class 12 Minor Puppy Bitch 10

1st Jones' “Tarendes See that Bear”

And how could you not? She should be destined for great things, Ideal balance and size, looked right at every angle, so confident, one of those rare exhibits that even at such a young age already you can see the star she will be. Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show

2 nd Aston's “Viewtop Amy Beth”

Has the basics to finish well, needs to settle yet but has much potential, preferred the showmanship and head of 1.

3 rd Bromley's “Jardene Razzle Dazzle Me”

Class 13 Puppy Bitch 10

1 st Allen's “Ardquin Abbie with Quaymore”

V difficult class of varying types. This puppy looks v mature for age, of feminine size, has lovely tibetan expression, just lost out to the sheer presence of the MP winner.

2 nd Cropper's “Corrolls Dallas for Coro”

Bigger type of super balance, elegant limbs, had very good front and moved out well enough, possibly just a bit hormonal today. Preferred the expression of 1.

3 rd Hindley's “Now and Then”

Class 14 Junior Bitch 4 (2 Abs)

1 st Langford's “Quaytown It's a Waiting Game”

2 nd Humphries “Alamiks Shady Lady”

2 rather lovely bitches, making quite a hard decision. 1st had it more together on the day & appealed more in eye will look forward to seeing how her balance develops, 2nd has sweeping elegant outline and nice limbs.

Class 15 Yearling Bitch 3 (1 Abs)

1 st Humphries “Alamiks Shady Lady”

2 nd Scott's “Wolferlow Charlotte”

Splitting hairs, both not totally co-operating. 2 nd has a lovely shape, just slightly more round in skull, she has nice shoulder placement but just a touch solid compared to the sweep of neck seen on 1.

Class 16 Novice Bitch 5 (1 Abs)

1 st Allen's “Ardquin Abbie with Quaymore”

2 nd Hazelhurst's “Corrolls Miss Prim”

Well constructed black, too much on the small side for me. Her coat growth over the ears distracts at the moment from what is actually quite a well proportioned head.

3 rd Faux's “Sebaro Sugar Rosebud”

Class 17 Graduate Bitch 1

1 st McCarthy's “Hayana Miss Georgia”

Rather lovely in shape, up to size, on good form today. Very pretty head, would have liked to judge her in competition. she has the kind of quality of bone I like to see in a bitch.

Class 18 Post Graduate Bitch 5 (1 Abs)

1 st Jones' “Tarendes Soul Bear”

Little heavier in type, but this is a most clever breeder who has depth in quality, this lady was the most mature on the day, of generally good construction & the most balanced in movement coming and going.

2 nd Carter's “Vowchurch The Wonder of You”

Another bitch of all round quality, up to size but like 1 st she looked good coming and going and had more the head type I was looking for, than did the rest of the class.

3 rd Paradise's “Sangchenla Persephone at Shardlow”

Class 19 Limit Bitch 4 (1 Abs)

1 st Lock's “Deelayne Lap Dancer among Littondale”

3 quality bitches, 1 st is most definitely me, her bone and straightness of forelimb I love, she has an exquisite head and her red coat is in super condition now, I would like a slightly better lay of shoulder but that is nit picking, nicely tucked in elbows and pushed the Best Bitch winner hard. Res Best Bitch

2 nd Waghorn's “Avonbourne Lucy Lastic with Sukisha”

Very good shape, longer cast than 1 and would like her to carry a little less weight. She again has an exquisite head but of different type to 1.

3 rd Torrance's “Sinyul Can't Buy Me Love”

Class 20 Open Bitch 7 (4 Abs)

1 st Holland's “Vaderlands Electra-fy”

Lovely class of 3 bitches I much admire, the winner here just has the type of bone and good flat shoulder blades that allow the hands to flow, looking mature now but still feel she will improve yet. Just out-moved the limit winner in the final run off. Best Bitch & Res Best in Show

2 nd Waterhouse's “Ch Chtaura All U Need is Luv”

Beautiful grey who has a slightly more finished outline than 1 st , having that bit more sweep to the tailset, she's just a little heavier in shoulder but commands attention in the ring, worthy champion. 1 and 2 just out-moved the lovely 3 rd placed bitch who is also most breed typical.

3 rd Paradise's “Shardlow Ragtaggle Gypsy JW ShCM”